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At Paramount Maintenance we want to be the first choice of every market we serve! To do that, we must excel in recruiting and retaining great talent along with, specializing in providing custom tailored/cost effective cleaning, and maintenance solutions to fit any customers needs. We are humbled and blessed at every single account we are awarded, and when given the opportunity to provide service, you can rest assured that Paramount Maintenance Professionals will exceed your expectations. 


Meet The Team

"I fully believe that every facility should be treated as our own and that belief is reflected in our team's effort.  Every tag job should be treated with care.  No project should be considered trivial." Brett Brownlee

"As a proud father of three wonderful children and the belief in family first, the application of work/life balance is of the upmost importance in my life and the consideration of your time and resources will be respected and valued the same." Zach Martens


Brett Brownlee


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Brett’s experience is derived from 10 years of frontline staff management, regional Operations Management and Vice President of Business Development. His area of expertise is developing new markets, transitioning new facilities and key account management. Working together with his customers, Brett enjoys building relationships that lead to continued growth for Paramount and cost savings for our customers.


Zach Martens


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Zachary has grown and operated markets of over 500 facilities across five states for 15 years. He has not only learned customer service is at the forefront on the path to success, but that customer relationships are of equal importance. With this in mind, Zach has amassed a proven track record of overachievement with customer references across the Midwest. His goals are attained with diligence, consistency, and being efficient at envisioning customer goals and aligning/implementing processes to ensure delivery.

Meet the Team
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